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About the collection

Resources available in the Digital Library of Medical University of Lublin are divided into the following collections:


Periodicals - digital versions of periodicals found in the Main Library collection and published by Medical University of Lublin. Issues of contemporary periodicals protected by copyright laws are available in this collection, as well as 19th and 20th century periodicals that are no longer subject to copyright laws.


History of science and medicine - a collection of works concerning history of medicine, the history of medicine and pharmacy in Lublin area, and the history of Medical University of Lublin. This collection also contains documents of historic value, including manuscripts. Archival issues of mostly 19th and early 20th century magazines can be found in the Magazines collection.


Conferences - this collection contains various materials and records regarding international conferences arranged by Medical University of Lublin and the Main Library of Medical University of Lublin. The availability of individual works as parts of this collection depends on the conference organizer's decision.


Scholarly books and monographs - books by authors who have decided to publish their works in a digital form in our library. Each book comes with a precise disclaimer regarding terms of use by an individual reader.


PhD dissertations - a collection of PhD dissertations written and defended successfully since November, 2011. This collection is updated on a regular basis, and each work comes with a statement regarding terms of use for individual reader.


Habilitation theses - a collection of Habilitation theses whose authors have agreed to publish their works in our Digital Library. These works are first published in print, and then in the digital version.


Digital Library of Lublin - here one can find digital versions of works digitized within Digital Library of Lublin, a project financed by the European Regional Development Fund and conducted as a part of Regional Operational Programme of Lubelskie Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013 Priority Axis. IV. Information society. Operation 4.1 Information society.